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We move shipmemts and parcels of different sizes and weight across the globe. Logistics is the world's oxygen for a successful economy and we provide the oxygen.
  • Sector: : Logistics
  • Category: Cargo
  • Email: hello@eazzylogistics.com
  • Handle: @eazzylogistics
  • Location: Lagos, Nigeria

About Us

We offer a range of seamless logistics solutions such as haulage,on-demand logistics, freight. With the fast pace of modern life and easy living, our purpose is to meet the daily demands of companies, business owners and consumers of various products through logistics.

Our logistics services & solutions have been strategically tailored to meet your needs and demands. Be part of our thousands of clients to move around the ends of the earth without limits and boundaries


Our business thrives when our clients' does, and so the end goal is to keep our clients in Business and constantly meet their expectations with customer centricity, speed, security and competitive rates.

Our Mission

To provide the most effecient logistics solution that steady influences and build a valued interconnected relationship around the world

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  • The Clubhouse, St. James’s 8 St James’s Square, London, SW1Y4JU
  • Phone
  • +447537141720
  • E-Mail
  • support@compugeen.com
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