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SAP systems are not secure by default. As a result, the SAP landscapes are inherently exposed to a host of internal and external risks that threaten the integrity of the SAP environment and its sensitive data. Cyber attackers recognize this as well and are exploiting these vulnerabilities for their personal gain. Given the standard confirmation and existing security posture of organizations, the most common threats are focused on technology, infrastructure, and communication layer of SAP.

Threat Identification

Determine which systems will be the target of the assessment
Information gathering of SAP services and landscape properties
Produce RFC Topology Map

Threat Mitigation

Resolve Threats based on the vulnerability report
Ensure End User Training
Ensure Super Admin Training

Continuous Monitoring

Develop target operating model to monitor and defend SAP landscape against cyber threats
Update existing compliance frameworks to include additional elements of SAP cyber security

System Assessment

Assess SAP landscape for threats against COMPUGEEN’s SAP Cyber Security Framework
Leverage industry leading tools to preform: – Blackbox vulnerability assessment & Whitepox security audit and compliance – Penetration test
Produce detailed security and vulnerability reports


Develop road map to secure SAP environment from cyber attack
Prioritize and rank identified risks
Provide industry leading solutions to secure the SAP technology stack from cyber threats


Insure system against downtime due to attack